Book illustrations
I made these pictures in summer 2016, especially for illustration contest called "Piórko". Painted entirely in Photoshop.
Game backgrounds
Selection of backgrounds from hidden-object games, made in 2015/2016. They are mostly photomontages covered with layers of heavy retouching and painting.
Logo design
Selection of various logos.
Posters for Coen brothers' movies
Large part of my diploma exhibition in Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, 2013.
Various posters
Some of my early works (2010-2012)
Drypoints (2012-2013)
In this technique, image is incised into a polished metal (usually copper) plate with a sharp needle. Later, the plate is covered with an ink - but excess is wiped away with a cloth, so the ink stays only in traces of the needle. Then, under an etching press, the image is transferred to a piece of dampened paper.
Atlas of Memories
In 2011 I've found inspiration in my own, very earliest drawings. I scanned some fragments and used them for composing new scenes, with denser structures. After printing all of them in 70x50cm format, I added some details and depth with pencil.
No people, no animals... just places.
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